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Someone who knows a lot about sound techniques and sets high standards for sound reproduction equipment.

Educational institute. Place where knowledge is gathered.

Dries Van Hooydonck - founder of Audiophile Academy

Audiophile Academy® is the place where you can transform your sound to the next level. Not by focussing on audio components or reviews, but by focussing on yourself.

Because you are here, you probably have the same goal as me: a reproduction of your favorite music in the best possible way.

When you start growing your knowledge, skills & mindset you can become a stronger audiophile, realize a better sound quality, and achieve a greater overall musical enjoyment.

On this website you can find a collection of online material, to learn or just to get inspired.

Therefore be sure to take a look at my free tips, e-books, and online courses underneath.

Enjoy! 🙂

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