About Audiophile Academy

Do you want to realize a greater musical satisfaction without upgrading your equipment?

How I can help you to achieve this goal:

The component alone does not bring you good sound quality

I strongly believe it is not the component alone that enables audiophiles & music lovers to obtain the best possible sound quality. In fact, if you only focus on comparisons between components this can become quite confusing and frustrating. Furthermore, you are neglecting so many other aspects that are at least equally important when you want to achieve a better sound quality or greater musical satisfaction.

Therefore Audiophile Academy does not mainly focus on brands or specific products. There are enough (review) websites & magazines that do this already. Because I don’t have such affiliation with brands and products this also enables me to remain 100% independent & objective.

You are the solution

Instead of focusing on new products or reviews I believe that you are the solution.

I believe audiophiles should start empowering themselves, because:

  • You are the one that buys equipment.
  • You are the one installing the equipment at home
  • You are the one that listens to this equipment
  • You are the one selecting the music
  • You are the one addressing the room acoustics, tweaks, settings,…

So why not grow your knowledge, improve your skills & create the right mindset to reach your goal?

"The mind is like a parachute. It only works when it's open." - Frank Zappa

I believe an audiophile or music lover can grow on three different levels:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Mindset

And that is exactly what I will be offering you with Audiophile Academy.

You can compare this with an athlete:

An athlete needs good shoes (your audio setup) in order to run a marathon, but more importantly the athlete also needs knowledge, skills and a winning mindset in order to actually run and win the marathon.

The same applies for our audiophile hobby.

By improving your knowledge, skills & mindset you too can realize the dream sound you always wanted.

About the founder of Audiophile Academy

About Audiophile Academy - About the founder Dries Van Hooydonck
Dries Van Hooydonck, founder of Audiophile Academy

What drives me in live is my constant hunger for knowledge, my drive to inspire people, and my interest in personal growth as a vessel to create the best version of myself, while sharing my legacy with the world.

Music has always been my number 1 passion. As a child I started playing the clarinette, later also piano, synthesizers, producing my own songs and I've also been an international DJ for more than 10 years. The last decades focus was mainly on high-end audio reproduction, with a background as dealer and manufacturer of computer based streamers and music servers, also creating a network of musicians, high-end audio and pro audio industry professionals.

I have spent the last decades collecting music in all possible formats, qualities, genres and styles. Focus has mainly been on audiophile quality releases, both new and old. I own tens of thousands of cd’s, SACD’s, LP’s, and terrabytes worth of high resolution files and native DSD. I even have in my collection multiple private audiophile recordings made by industry leading professionals that capture renowned artists and that were never released for the general public.

For growing my knowledge I have been assisted by industry leading, high-end audio and pro audio professionals that are part of my close network. One of them in particular has delivered services for companies such as Lipinski Sound, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs, Skywalker Sound (George Lucas), Universal Mastering Studio’s (Hollywood) and Merging Technologies (Switserland) to name a few.

I have learned so much during my journey.

Now finally the time has come to share all this knowledge, inspiring other audiophiles and music lovers during the process.

Enjoy your music! 🙂

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