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Milions of music albums are available today, in all kinds of physical and digital formats, and via online streaming services.

But where to start when audiophile sound quality is your main focus?

Delving through this vast amount of music that is available today can be a challenging task. Such work demands a huge amount of your time, takes lots of effort, research and constantly listening and comparing album versions.

While you’re occupied with this time consuming task, you are not enjoying the music itself, and you might still miss out on the real classics, the rare gems and the audiophile albums that are truly renowned for their exceptional sound characteristics.

Would it not be more practical to just hit play and enjoy?

This is exactly why I created Audiophile Album Express:

Audiophile Album Express

Your daily dose of audiophile album discoveries

Audiophile Album Express


When you join now, you will receive a new audiophile album recommendation every day.


These will NOT be your typical audiophile albums (by now you're probably bored of playing these same old tunes all the time)


I will provide you with real classics, rare gems and audiophile albums that are truly renowned for their exceptional sound characteristics (and that you would probably never discover otherwise).

This is what you receive:

  • Gain access to a new musical discovery every day
  • Discover artists and record labels that pay attention to the finest recording details, enabling you to enjoy the best possible sound quality that is worldwide available today.
  • Discover the exact music that is used by high-end audio brands to show their equipment at hifi shows
  • Discover the exact music that is used by high-end audio dealers in their showrooms
  • Discover audiophile classics, long-forgotten hidden gems and cult albums
  • Apart from exceptional sound quality, you will also discover amazing musical performances
  • We cover all styles and genres
  • We cover all media formats
  • We tell you exactly where to find the best album versions
  • You will discover the highest quality releases
  • You will discover the highest quality remasters
  • You will discover the highest quality pressings
  • You will discover the best versions for downloading
  • You will always know exactly which music to play next
  • You will always know exactly which music to buy next
  • You will always know exactly which music to stream next
  • You will never waste money again on albums that are not living up to their expectations

Consult your album discoveries 24/7, available on all devices

Audiophile Album Express access everywhere at any time available on all devices PC laptop tablet smartphone

Your audiophile album recommendations are safely stored online in your members area.

You can access your collection 24/7 via any device: PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

The sooner you get access to Audiophile Album Express, the sooner your collection can grow and the sooner you will have collected a reference work that contains the highest quality albums ever recorded.

What are audiophile albums?

Audiophile albums are albums recorded with the best possible sound quality. Special care has been taken in the recording chain and mastering chain. Specialized equipment is being used to capture the artist in the best possible way, and to bring you the best possible sound quality.

Did you know...

Audiophile albums from quality record labels using high-end audio equipment

Audiophile quality from specialty labels

Did you know there are record labels that only focus on audiophile quality recordings?

In the recording and mastering chain these companies only use the best possible audio equipment.

Some examples of such high-end audio equipment used in the recording & mastering chain are:

Neumann microphones, Esoteric Audio Research (EAR) microphone preamps, dCS master clocks, dCS analog to digital conversion, dCS digital to analog conversion, Merging Technologies, Pacific Microsonics,...

Audiophile albums produced by famous sound engineers

Audiophile quality from specialty sound engineers

Did you know there are recording engineers that are famous and highly regarded for their audiophile quality sounding productions?

Some examples are: David Chesky, Keith Johnson, Manfred Eicher, Mike Valentine, Morten Lindberg, Todd Garfinkle, Bernie Grundman, Giulio Cesare Ricci, Andrew Lipinski,...

Audiophile albums using quality media formats

Audiophile quality from specialty media formats

Did you know in the last 30 years lots of development has been done to produce media formats especially designed for audiophile sound quality?

Some examples are: SACD, XRCD, HDCD, DSD, 2K Gold CD, Green, 180g vinyl, 45rpm vinyl, Direct Metal Master, Direct Cut, Direct-to-Disc,...

Audiophile albums with high quality artist performance

And most important: quality performances

While good sound quality is the main priority of many audiophiles, the musical performance itself should be equally important.

Therefore Audiophile Album Express does not only provide you with outstanding sounding albums, we also focus on albums where the performance of the artists is cutting edge, drawing you deeper in the overall musical experience.

" No matter how much money you have spent on your high-end audio gear:
if the music you play does not have a good recording quality,
your sound will not be good "

This program is for people that recognize themselves in one of the following aspects:

  • You are looking for new inspiration when buying or streaming music
  • You are looking for high quality recordings, because this enables you to enjoy music in more profound ways
  • You are not only paying attention to the quality of the musical performance itself, but you find sound quality equally important
  • You are a music lover that is also curious about discovering albums recorded in the best possible sound quality
  • Albums recorded in the best possible sound quality enable you to discover the true potential of your hifi setup or high-end audio setup
  • You are looking for reference albums to demonstrate your audio setup
  • You are looking for reference albums to test new audio components
  • You are looking for reference albums to test new upgrades
  • You are looking for reference albums to compare different audio equipment
  • You are looking for reference albums to enjoy your music in a more profound way
  • You appreciate the little joys in life and see this program as an opportunity, every day growing your collection, gaining access to more reference recordings, and expanding your musical horizon

Hello fellow music lover,

Dries Van Hooydonck - founder of Audiophile Academy

My name is Dries Van Hooydonck. I am the founder of Audiophile Academy. I have spent the last decades collecting music in all possible formats, qualities, genres and styles. The last 10 years focus has mainly been on audiophile quality releases, both new and old. With a background as musician (since I was a child), and later also producer and DJ, I own tens of thousands of cd’s, SACD’s, LP’s, and terrabytes worth of high resolution files and native DSD. I even have in my collection multiple private audiophile recordings made by industry leading professionals that capture renowned artists and that were never released for the general public.

For growing my audiophile quality collection I have been assisted by industry leading, high-end audio and pro audio professionals that are part of my close network. One of them in particular has delivered services for companies such as Lipinski Sound, Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs, Skywalker Sound (George Lucas), Universal Mastering Studio’s (Hollywood) and Merging Technologies (Switserland) to name a few.

Now the time has come for me to share all this knowledge...

Music can work therapeutic. High grade sound quality can enhance this therapeutic effect

Listening to high quality Audiophile Albums can work therapeutic
  • Receiving these daily album recommendations will give you a broader musical horizon and expand your musical frame of reference
  • This will give you a higher level of satisfaction and gratification
  • High quality sound enables you to feel more connected to the music
  • You will get a more profound musical experience
  • Taking a moment for yourself while listening to high quality music can soothe your soul
  • This gives you new ways to relax after a stressful day
  • You will feel more calm, and open-minded
  • This could even benefit your work, relationships & love life

" Enjoy the benefits of high quality music as they work in therapeutic ways "

Audiophile album express - all styles and genres

All styles and genres

We don’t limit these daily album recommendations to one genre or style. Every possible music genre will become available for you, providing you with a diverse selection of the best recordings that were ever produced. No matter the flavor.
Audiophile album express - all media formats and tell you exactly where to find audiophile albums

Diverse media formats, and we tell you exactly where to find them

Audiophiles and music lovers have a diverse taste. We don’t make a distinction between vinyl, cd, SACD, streaming online or high resolution downloads. We provide you quality sounding recordings, independent of format. All media formats are possible, and we tell you exactly where to find them.

Audiophile album express - quality product

It gets better every day

Just like a good wine needs time to flourish, Audiophile Album Express will also get better each day. Every day you have access to our platform, your audiophile album recommendations will grow larger. Every day comes with new inspiration, every day your collection grows. A quality product that just like good wine is waiting for you to be degustated.

Audiophile album express - long term audiophile investment

Opportunity & gift to yourself

You appreciate the little joys in life and see this program as an opportunity and a daily gift to yourself. Every day growing your collection, gaining access to more reference recordings, and expanding your musical horizon.

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