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This FREE e-book will give you the most complete collection of audiophile-grade record labels that is currently available in the world, enabling you to enjoy music recorded in the best possible sound quality.

    It all starts at the source...

    No matter how much money you have spent on your high-end audio gear, if the music you play does not have a good recording quality, your sound will not be good. It’s that simple. Plus, you might miss out on the true potential of your precious audio setup.

    Luckily there are many record labels that focus on releasing music in the highest possible quality.

    Their albums are produced with the uttermost care. For instance, in the recording and mastering chain, their sound engineers use the best possible high-end audio equipment that is available today.

    These labels also release their albums in high quality media formats such as audiophile grade vinyl pressings, SACD or UHDCD, or they make their albums available for the public via online streaming, or via hi-res downloads in the same high resolution that was used in the studio.

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    This e-book will give you:

    56 of the world’s most famous audiophile quality record labels
    Paying attention to the finest recording & mastering details
    Famous for their amazing sound quality
    Using the best possible equipment during the recording and mastering process
    Enabling you to enjoy music in the best possible ways

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    to discover these amazing record labels and gain more musical enjoyment

    Only for audiophiles that want to broaden their horizon

    I’ve noticed that many audiophiles do not yet know about these record labels, or they know only a small portion of them.

    And that’s exactly why I’ve written this e-book.

    Because I want to broaden your horizon.

    And because I believe:

    “With better awareness, you can make better choices. And with better choices, you will see better results”

    Therefore, in this e-book I will give you an overview of these “audiophile quality” record labels, and show you the amazing sonic possibilities, that you can realize in your setup as well.

    And apart from sound quality, these record labels also produce some of the finest musical performances, created by world renowned artists.

    Or they release audiophile grade remasters of some of the world’s greatest albums that were ever made.

    Extra benefits you will gain:

     A FREE way to improve your sound quality, without the need for an expensive upgrade.

     A simple way to address the most important part of your signal chain, without the need for any advanced knowledge

     Enabling you to showcase the true potential of your audio setup

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