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Hello fellow audiophile,

Do you know the number 1 most important aspect of good sound quality?

Could it be your speakers? Your amplification? Your room acoustics?

No it is not…

The most important aspect in achieving optimal sound quality is your source. And by source I mean the music you play, and in which quality this music has been recorded.

While every component in your setup is important, and while your setup can only play as good as the weakest link in your signal chain, your components can only reproduce what is fed to them.

So, no matter how good your setup is, no matter how much money you have spent on your high-end audio gear, if the music you play does not have a good recording quality, your sound will not be good.

It’s that simple.

And that is exactly why I created this FREE product:

Audiophile Albums for free


When you join now, you will receive a new audiophile album recommendation every day.


These will NOT be your typical audiophile albums
 (by now you're probably bored of playing these same old tunes all the time)


I will provide you with real classics, rare gems and audiophile albums that are truly renowned for their exceptional sound characteristics (and that you would probably never discover otherwise).


This is what you will receive - completely FREE:

  • Gain access to a new musical discovery every day
  • Discover artists that pay attention to the finest recording details
  • Enjoy albums recorded in the best possible sound quality that is worldwide available today
  • Discover the exact music that is used by high-end audio brands to show their equipment at hifi shows
  • Discover the exact music that is used by high-end audio dealers in their showrooms
  • Discover new audiophile classics, long-forgotten hidden gems and cult albums
  • Apart from exceptional sound quality, you will also discover amazing musical performances
  • All styles and genres
  • All media formats
  • I tell you exactly where to find the best album versions
  • You will discover the highest quality releases
  • You will discover the highest quality remasters
  • You will discover the highest quality pressings
  • You will discover the best versions for downloading
  • You will always know exactly which music to play next
  • You will always know exactly which music to buy next
  • You will always know exactly which music to stream next
  • You will never waste money again on albums that are not living up to their expectations

Ready to expand your musical horizon?

Who am I?

Dries Van Hooydonck - founder of Audiophile Academy

My name is Dries Van Hooydonck. I am the founder of Audiophile Academy. I have spent the last decades collecting music in all possible formats, qualities, genres and styles. Focus has mainly been on audiophile quality releases, both new and old. With a background as musician (since I was a child), and later also +10 years experience as producer and DJ, I own tens of thousands of cd’s, SACD’s, LP’s, and terrabytes worth of high resolution files and native DSD. I even have in my collection multiple private audiophile recordings made by industry leading professionals that capture renowned artists and that were never released for the general public.

For growing my knowledge I have also been assisted by industry leading, high-end audio and pro audio professionals that are part of my close network. One of them in particular has delivered services for companies such as Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs, Skywalker Sound (George Lucas), Universal Mastering Studio’s (Hollywood) and Merging Technologies (Switserland) to name a few.

I have learned so much during my journey.

Now, finally the time has come for me: to share all this knowledge with the world, inspiring other audiophiles and music lovers during the process.

Ready to start discovering?

Feel free to join the "60 Days of Audiophile Album Discoveries" if you recognize yourself in one of the following aspects:

  • You are looking for new inspiration when buying or streaming music
  • You are looking for high quality recordings, because this enables you to enjoy music in more profound ways
  • You want to expand your musical horizon, and discover albums you've never heard about before
  • Albums recorded in the best possible sound quality enable you to discover the true potential of your hifi setup or high-end audio setup
  • You are looking for new albums to demonstrate your audio setup
  • You are looking for albums to test new audio components
  • You are looking for albums to test new upgrades
  • You are looking for new albums to compare different audio equipment
  • You are looking for reference albums to enjoy music in more profound ways
Audiophile album express - all styles and genres

All styles and genres

I don’t limit these daily album recommendations to one genre or style. Every possible music genre will become available for you, providing you with a diverse selection of the best recordings that were ever produced. No matter the flavor.
Audiophile album express - all media formats and tell you exactly where to find audiophile albums

Diverse media formats, and I tell you exactly where to find them

Audiophiles and music lovers have a diverse taste. I don’t make a distinction between vinyl, cd, SACD, streaming online or high resolution downloads. I provide you quality sounding recordings, independent of format. Therefore all media formats are possible, and I tell you exactly where to find them.

Audiophile album express - long term audiophile investment

Opportunity & gift to yourself

You appreciate the little joys in life and see this product as an opportunity and a daily gift to yourself. Every day growing your collection, gaining access to more reference recordings, and expanding your musical horizon.

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