Free upgrade for a better sound: resource yourself

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ree upgrade for a better sound on your high-end audio setup

I love summer. The sun is shining, everybody is in a good mood, and you’re able to spend a lot of time outside. But what does this have to do with high-end audio? You’ll discover in this article. And above all, I’ll give you a free upgrade for a better sound on your audio setup.

An upgrade that does not cost you any money, and for which you don’t need to buy new components.

So definitely continue reading…

A walk in nature

Together with my wife and son, I love to go for nature walks in our region.

We’re currently living in “Pajottenland”. It’s part of the “green belt” around Brussels.

This area is characterized by its gentle slopes, large meadows and wide, open landscapes. Together with wooded areas and a lot of nature reserves it’s an amazing region to discover.

Recently we went for a walk in the “Hallerbos”. It is a big forest on the countryside near our capital of Brussels. It is classified as a nature reserve. In springtime this forest is most famous for its Bluebells.

It had been a hectic period and we all needed to recharge our batteries.

We’d been walking the entire afternoon. Along the way we had a nice picnic and in the evening, we went home with a fresh mind and a wonderful feeling.


Heavily recommended on my part.

After such a recharging walk you feel good and positive again.

And such recharging also has a beneficial side effect for audiophiles:

free upgrade for a better sound on your high-end audio setup: resource yourself

Free upgrade for a better sound on your high-end audio setup

When you arrive back home after such a “nature bath” and you press play, your setup suddenly sounds a lot better.

And that’s logical: you were able to free your mind. You weren’t thinking about upgrades, tweaks or other audiophile affairs. You weren’t thinking about the shortcomings of your setup, about that one “weak link”, or the components that you want to replace for better ones.

Thanks to the sun, the surrounding nature and the fresh air you see your high-end audio installation in a new light.

You listen with fresh ears. Like it’s your first time listening to your audio setup.

You appreciate every aspect. And you can relax while listening to music again.

No more stress that causes a narrow and closed mind.

Instead, you will now have an open mind.

Open to enjoy your audio setup in a much more profound way.

resourcing yourself: a free upgrade for a better sound

Resourcing yourself

Of course, making a walk with your family is only one example of resourcing yourself. You could also take a holiday, have some fun with friends, go out to the movie theatre, go to a concert,… Actually, this list is endless.

Or, when you also enjoy having some time reserved for yourself, you could take some me-time. For instance: I deliberately walk alone in nature as well – also highly recommended for resourcing, and recharging your batteries.

And similar as above, such activities are also effective as free upgrade for a better sound.

Upgrading yourself instead of your setup, without costing you any money 🙂


So, the next time when you think your setup isn’t good enough, when nothing sounds right anymore, or when you want to make an upgrade, just think about this advice: go outside, enjoy the sun (or the snow for that matter), enjoy nature and recharge those batteries. You’ll notice that afterwards, you’ll be able to enjoy your music in a much better way again. Good luck!

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