How to get lots of music files almost FOR FREE

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How to get lots of music files almost for free

Since the vinyl-revival, the comeback of the cassette and the rediscovery of the reel-to-reel, cd’s are totally not hip anymore. 

And that’s why I buy so many of them.


You can find them everywhere:

In bulk and for competitive prices.

You won’t believe how many amazing albums are up for grabs, at crazy low prices.

In this article I explain you how I collect an extreme amount of digital music and it costs me almost no money.

At a sale of my local library they are sold for €1 a piece. About the same price at the flea market, thrift store, second hand websites and so on.

If you are passionate about music, you’ll find some real gems.

Here is one of my recent finds:

Music files almost for free

I bought this HDCD in a thrift store for 2 euro.

New this album would cost me 55 euro. And on Ebay prices can go even higher… 

This album has been recorded by one of the most praised sound engineers in the world: Professor dr. Keith Johnson, founder of Reference Recordings, the label that also released this album.

But watch out!

Certainly not all cd’s you find second hand are as good as this one.

Many cd’s you find in thrift stores and flea markets are straight up garbage.

“Sponsored by Coca Cola” was, a free cd with shitty music back in the day, and this hasn’t changed since.

I also don’t necessary need “The Best from Schlager Festival” in my collection.

But that’s what makes it such fun & challenging: separating the wheat from the chaff.

I make it into a sport to look at every cd when I am going through a collection. Even if it would take me the whole afternoon to get a look at every single disc. Like a lion sneaking up on its prey, I have only one focus: finding treasures.

And so far, this approach has rewarded me with amazing additions to my ever growing collection.

My copy of the Reference Recordings HDCD was in mint condition. And that’s not as rare as you might think.

Especially the better recordings of jazz and classical music are in very good condition most of the time. Logical: people who donate this sort of music to thrift stores are middle class strong-hearted music lovers. People who’ve always taken care of their music collection.

Sometimes cd’s are still in their original wrapping. Brand new for 1 euro!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always hold true: cd’s that are loose inside the case and that have scratches everywhere. Or even cd’s with a peeled off top layer are also a common find.

That’s why I always check if there’s any damage. I like gems. Not scratches. The damaged cd’s go back nicely to where they belong. Quite painful when the scratched copy is the album you were just looking for.

But even if it’s cheap, you’d rather not buy damaged items, right?

Such a treasure hunt makes me very happy. Ecstatic even.

The bigger (or better) the catch, the bigger the thrill.

Already before I exit the store, I get extremely excited to go home and listen to my findings. And to muse about my recently scored haul.

Every time I’m struck by surprise: so many amazing albums for such a small amount of money.

And on a decent audio setup they’ll sound amazing too! 🙂

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  1. Via van de bibliotheek R’dam kun je gratis cd’s, dvd’s en lp’s lenen, max 10 per keer.
    Dus ik leen vaak en dan rip ik ze naar flac.

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