You only live once

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you only live once

“You only live once”

That’s what a high-end audio dealer told me once.

I wasn’t sure if I should buy an expensive component. It concerned a Clearaudio Maestro V2 cartridge worth about 1000 euro. Back then, that was a lot of money to me.

“Nice sales trick!” I thought. And a bit “in-your-face”. But he was right.

Do you want to know why?

Then read on…

I’ve spent so much money on audiophile components. In the early days of my high-end adventure I had entry-level material, components that were fun but didn’t give me the satisfaction I was looking for.

I didn’t have much money, so I bought second hand, or I tried to get a discount in the store. Every time I concluded I could do better. The purchase had been for nothing, and eventually it got replaced by another, more expensive component.

When I look back at all the components I’ve gone through, I realize now it would’ve been much better if I had just spent that amount only once, on a really good product.

It would’ve saved me a lot of money.

For that same reason my loudspeaker builder Wilfried once lent money from his wife, so that he could buy his dream speakers: the B&W 800 diamond.

Now Wilfriend has the most advanced auro3D & Atmos surround system in our country. Even the mastering engineer from the Galaxy studios (who coincidentally is also named Wilfried) has paid Wilfried a visit at home because it was sounding so amazing.

And do you know which component, after years of upgrading and expanding his setup, is still the same? That’s right: the B&W 800 diamond, which he was only able to buy because his wife had lent him the money.

That money has been paid back since, and Wilfried enjoys his high-end audio setup every day.

I myself have been playing for a very long time with my favorite: Lipinski active monitors. I had to loan money too. From my mom, even!

Otherwise I couldn’t never have paid for it, and perhaps never discover how fantastic these speakers are.

Now, years later these same speakers are still playing music here.

“You only live once”

The audio dealer had convinced me. I bought the Clearaudio cartridge, and it is still playing on my Thorens TD124.

You only live once too.

Maybe you don’t care, or maybe you can properly invest once to listen to music every day on the setup of your dreams…

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